Provider FAQ


   1.How do I register myself on the Provider Services on the e-portal?

 The Registration page features a How-To-Register Video as well as an in depth FAQ.
 To Register do the following steps:
   1. Click on ""New Provider Registration". The first part of the registration page will appear.
   2. Select either "Medicaid" or "Medicare"
   3. If you chose Medicaid, select State
   4. Select role type: Individual Physician or Facility or Group
   (click on radio buttons to see full descriptions)
   If you are an Individual Physician, a Provider ID is required.
   Facility or Group role type is especially for Hospital,Clinic, IPA/Group, or Agency staff.  
   Registering as Facility/Group allows the user to submit claims in addition to other functions.   
   If you do not know your Provider ID, contact you Provider Services Representative. 
   5. Click "Next" and the second part of registration will appear. The following fields for information are required fields.
   6. Enter first name then last name
   7. Enter e-mail address then enter again to confirm e-mail
   8. Create a unique user ID using 8-15 characters long with no spaces and using the following characters only: A-Z, a-z, 0-9, ".","_"
   9. Create a unique password using 8-12 characters long with no spaces and using the following characters only:
  A-Z, a-z, 0-9, : ~! @ # $ % ^ & * _ - + = ` | \ ( ) { } [ ] : ; " ' , . ?.  (cannot contain partial User ID, First Name or Last Name)
   10. Select 3 security question and enter answer in corresponding field (all 3 questions must be different from each other)
   11. Accept "Provider Online User Agreement" by clicking on check box
   12. Enter the Code in the textbox as shown in the image.
   13. When all fields are filled, click "Register"

   2.I have a Medicaid and Medicare account with Molina Healthcare. How do I register?

​Select one line of business to register with. If you have both Medicaid and Medicare your account will be automatically merged together or a tool is under development to assist in combining your accounts. If for some reason both of your account do not merge manually register to the other line of business with a different email or call Providers Services for assistance.

   3.I already have a Medicare account and tried to register for Medicare but it’s saying that my email is already in used. What do I do?

 You can register for Medicare using a different email address, or call Provider Services who can assist you.

   4.How do I log in?

​You need to register before you can log in. Without registering, you cannot login.Please input your User ID and Password to log in.

   5.How can I receive help to understand how to use the ePortal?

 ​Your health plan Provider Services Representative can provide assistance on ePortal functionality questions. The Molina Help Desk can assist with Technical related or Log-on issues by calling (866) 449-6848.

   6.What are the password rules?

​Passwords must be changed every 90 days. A pop-up alert is generated 15 days before the password expires. If you do not change your password before it expires, you will be forced to change the password the first time you login after the expiry date.Must be between 8 to 15 characters.Must contain at least on upper case and lower case letter.Must contain at least one number.Must contain at least one of the following special character key: ~! @ # $ % ^ &
 * _ - + = ` | \ ( ) { } [ ] : ; “ ‘, . ?Password cannot contain partial User ID, first name or last name.

   7.How do I change my password?

​Click on the "Change Password" link in the menu on the right side of the screen.Enter your old password.Enter the new password of your choice.Confirm the new password.*All users will be required to change passwords every sixty (60) days.

   8.Why do I need an NPI to use Self Services?

Click here for information on NPI.

   9.How many sub-users (office users) can be added to an ePortal Account?

There is no limitation on the number of office users for an ePortal account.

   10.If the system freezes and I am forced to log out of the ePortal, will I be able to retrieve information/data that was in process?

​Unfortunately, you will not be able to retrieve lost information such as a claim or authorization submission if the system freezes causing you to log back into the ePortal. However, the automatic log-out period has been extended to 20 minutes and the system will generate an automatic log-out warning message.

   11.Can I submit professional claims (CMS 1500) on-line?

​Yes. Claims are submitted with real-time data validation creating a reduction in errors and data entry.

   12.Can I conduct a Claims Inquiry online?

​Yes, for both Medicaid and Medicare. When providers search for claims online, a three month date range is no longer required if the claim number is provided.

   13.How do I view the details of my claims online?

Login to the provider portal using your User ID and password. Click on the link "Claims". To inquire on the Claims Status, you can search on the basis of one or more criteria,as the interface shall show you. Click on "Search". You can now view the summary of the claims, per the search criteria you have inputted. You can click on "Claims" to view the details of the claims.

   14.Can I print a summary of a Claim online?

​Yes. Providers can print a claim summary for any claim in a PDF format.

   15.Can I request a Claims Report online?

​Yes. Providers can request a report of all or a portion of their claims in an Excel format.

   16.What is the timeframe that claims must be submitted to have the current date reflected?

​Claims must be submitted by 2 PM PST to have the current date reflected. Any claim submitted after 2 PM PST will reflect the next following business date.

   17.If a claim is processed on the weekend or holiday when will it appear in Molina's system?

​Claims processed on weekends or holidays are processed on Mondays or the first business day after the holiday.

   18.Can I search for providers with additional search criteria on-line?

​Yes. Providers and members can now search by provider group as well as the other search criteria on the Provider Online Directory.

   19.How do I inquire about Member Eligibility online?

​Click on the "Member Eligibility" link.Use the Member Search option to search for a member using the member ID OR member first name and/or last name and date of birth.If more than one member is found selected from the optional fields. Preferably, select from the highlighted fields because those are what differentiate the members

   20.How often is eligibility status updated?

​There is a 24-hour lag time on eligibility information and eligibility verification is not a guarantee of payment.Eligibility status is updated every 30 minutes.

   21.How do I view a list of my current patients online?

​You may view a list of current members in Excel or PDF format. To download a list of current members, follow the steps below: Login to the provider portal using your User ID and password.Click on "Eligibility Listing" located at the top of the Provider Homepage. Select either Export to PDF or Export to Excel.Click "OK" on the security notice.Open directly in Explorer or save the file. **Depending on browser settings, it may be necessary to save the Excel file to filter and sort.

   22.How do I inquire about the status of a Service Request (authorization) for a member online?

​Click on the "Service Request" link. To inquire on the status of a Service Request, you can search on the basis of one or more criteria, as the interface will display. Click on "Search". You can now view the status of the selected Service Request.

   23.How often are Service Requests (Authorizations) updated in the ePortal?

​Service Request transactions are "real-time" transactions and always reflect the most current information in the Molina system.

   24.How do I make changes to my profile?

​Login to the provider portal using your User ID and password.Click on the "View/Update profile" link found on the right side of the page.Click on Edit if any changes are required.Once the desired changes are made click save.Changes to your profile will appear once the information has been confirmed.

   25.How do I contact Molina?

​Login to the provider portal using your User ID and password.Click on the "Contact Molina" link found at the top right of the page.The Molina contact page includes: General Telephone numbers and addresses an email form that can be used to email Molina directly

   26.How many providers can be added to one active ePortal account?

​There is no limit on how many providers can be added to one ePortal account.

   27.Can a provider be added to more than one active ePortal account?

​No, a provider can exist in only one ePortal account at a time.

   28.What information do I need to add a provider to an active ePortal account?

​A valid Provider ID and Tax ID Number which is not already registered with ePortal.

   29.Is it possible to be a user on multiple accounts with one registration and not be the Administrator for the account?

​Yes, Administrators and Office Users can be linked to other accounts using their single login, however only one account is active at any given time.

   30.How do I change the Administrator for my account?

Contact a Molina Help Desk Technician at (866) 449-6848. You will be required to provide information to confirm your identify, in addition to identifying details of the previous Administrator.

   31.If the existing Administrator is no longer employed by the provider or group and cannot be contacted, what is the process for creating a new Administrator user?

​Contact a Molina Help Desk Technician at (866) 449-6848. You will be required to provide information to confirm your identify, in addition to identifying details of the previous Administrator.

   32.Can I register for the ePortal if I do not know the Provider ID?

 Yes; however, the following information must be entered and validated by the system before registering:
 1. Provider Medicaid/Medicare Number.
 2. Provider DEA Number.
 3. Provider State License Number.
 4. Provider NPI Number
 If at least (2) are entered and validated, a password will be mailed to the provider's billing address.

   33.What is Role-Based access?

The Account Administrator can assign each Office User Role-Based access for each provider on the ePortal account.
 Roles Options:
 1. Clinical - no access to Claims functionality
 2. Non-Clinical - no access to Service Requests, HEDIS Reporting (Michigan only), or Nurse Advice Report functionality
 3. All Access - access to all ePortal functionality with the exception of Administrator functions.
 4. No Access - No access to any ePortal functionality.

   34.What if the Administrator does not assign an Office User a role?

If the Account Administrator does not assign a role for each provider on the account, the Office User is defaulted to a Clinical role.

   35.Who can change an Office User's Role type and how is it changed?

Only the Account Administrator can change a Office User's role type. The role type is changed by accessing the "Manage Office Sub Users" link and clicking on the Office User ID.

   36.Can a Office User have more than one Role at a time?

 No; however, there is an "All Access" Role that provides access to all functionality, with the exception Administrator functions.

   37.How frequently can the Administrator change a Office User's role?

Any time and any number of times.

   38.What is an Entitlement Review?

​A mandatory review performed by the Account Administrator of all Office Users who have access to an ePortal account. The review requires the Administrator to confirm that the Office Users should maintain their ePortal access

   39.When are Entitlement Reviews performed?

​For all ePortal accounts, reviews must be performed every 6 months.

   40.What happens if an Entitlement Review is not performed before the deadline?

All Office Users accounts will be locked and they will be unable to access the ePortal until the Administrator performs the Entitlement Review.

   41.Will the Account Administrator be notified when an Entitlement Review is required?<

​Yes, the Account Administrator and Office User will be notified monthly and daily the last week before the Entitlement Review is due.

   42.What are the Secret Security Questions?

​Three questions that must be answered by the Account Administrator that will allow the Administrator to unlock their account.

   43.Are emails sent from the ePortal secure?

​Yes, all email sent to users is marked secure.

   44.Can I submit a Medicare claim on the ePortal?

​Yes , Medicare claim submission is available.

   45.Can I submit a Medicare service request on the ePortal?

​No, Medicare service request submission in not currently available.

   46.Why is the member ID on my claim or service request different than what I submitted?

​Member IDs have changed. The ePortal will display only the current member ID.

   47.Why is the Member ID I entered in search changing?

 Member IDs have changed. The current number will be displayed if you enter the member's previous ID.

   48.How do I retrieve my ePortal login ID and password?

Please note:    The information below applies only to ePortal Providers who have previously contacted the ePortal Help Desk for password retrieval assistance.
 Please contact ePortal Help Desk @ (866) 449-6848 prior to following these steps. Thank you.
  Note:    You will be working with two different Logins: Cisco Registered Envelope Service (Secure eMail) Molina Provider Self Service (ePortal) directly Step #1:   ePortal login information has been sent to your eMail address. This message includes a link to the Secure eMail system. If you have not registered for the Secure eMail system, click the "view" link under the Securedoc.htm found on lower left of mail message. Note:   To view detailed step by step Secure eMail registration instructions,Please click on this Step #2:    Next, you will be directed to a "Secure eMail Registered Mail" envelope. Click on the orange "REGISTER" button located towards the middle right of the page. Step #3:    After the registration has been completed, the Secure eMail system will send an activation email to the address listed in our records. Open this email, click on the link enclosed and then log in to the Secure eMail envelope using the password you created on the Secure eMail site. Note:    if you have already registered but forgot your Secure eMail password click “Forgot password?” or call (866) 412-6113 to have the Secure eMail password reset. Step #4:    Open the Secure eMail message and retrieve the ePortal login information. (Hint: Copy and Paste this information into the ePortal password field) Step #5:    After you have successfully logged on to the ePortal site, we recommend that you immediately change the password to something you can remember
 Note:    Follow the password rules as follows: Something between 8-12 characters At least one capital letter At least one lower case letter At least one number At least one special character key (examples # or @ or $) After completing all of these steps, you should be able to log on to the Molina Eportal system without hindrance. In order to preserve the security of your account, do not share your login information with anyone. Please contact the Molina ePortal Help Desk should you have any problems at (866) 449-6248.

   49.What browsers are currently compatible with Molina’s Provider Self Services?

​Molina’s Provider Self Services website is fully compatible with Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8. Other browsers, such as Safari and Google Chrome may work but are not supported and may result in errors.For optimal performance, make sure:Your browser is configured to enable Java Script.Your browser is configured to accept cookies.You have accepted Molina's internet site,, as a trusted site.Your computer has at least 512MB of physical memory.Your computer is free from viruses and adware.Pop-up blocker is disabled for of the above settings can be accessed via the Tools menu in Internet Explorer.
 If you have questions about how to configure or validate your computer settings,
 please contact your company's system administrator or local Information Technology
 contact. You must have a user account to access Molina's Provider Self Services
 site. If you are a new office user and your company already has access, your local
 Primary User must create an account for you. If your company is new to the site,
 visit our Provider Registration page. If you have confirmed all the above settings
 and are still experiencing difficulties accessing Molina's Provider Self Services
 site, please contact the Molina Help Desk at (866) 449-6848.

   50.What are the requirements for ePortal UserID?

​UserID must be a minimum of 8 characters but not more than 15 charactersUserID cannot contain any special characters other than a period “.” or underscore
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